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Jul 2018
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NOTE: Dense forest isn't so great for spotting birds
NOTE: You might see deer on the powerline easement
NOTE: Can have holes
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: 11240 Croom Rital Rd, Brooksville, FL, Hernando, USA, 34602

1) What It's Like

Dense oak forest. Good trail but others in Croom better.

2) Kinds of Birds

It's dense enough and tall enough that you don't see a whole lot here.

3) Wildlife

Sometimes deer on the power line easement jeep trail.

4) Amenities

A parking area.

5) Time Requirements

You are in it right away so you can make it a short trip. I'm not sure where this ends up - as in does it connect with other trails.


See main overview page for context/maps.

Tucker Hill North, South, and the Secret Entrance to the Florida Trail are similar. They start out going through dense oak forest then at some point enter a relatively open area of tall old pines with low misc plants underneath. This trail differs in that it doesn't really seem to reach pines any time soon and you cross the power line easement jeep trail pretty quickly. It's good but probably the least interesting trail compared to the others. It's still a beautiful forest.

This place is run by and for bikers - they have great trail maps for themselves but there is nothing but a couple placards smacked on a couple trees for hikers and a lot of "f*ck off horse people signs" (not literally the wording).

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