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Sunnyhill Levee Trail

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Andrew Thoreson
Jul 2017
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1) What It's Like

It's basically a car width grassy trail going along what looks like a canal but is really the Oklawaha river. It's adjacent to Ocala National Forest. There are other trails at Sunyhill besides this one. Saw some good birds.

2) Kinds of Birds

It wasn't packed with birds but we saw both purple gallinules, red shouldered hawk, and a swallow tailed kit dove in to take a drink buzzing over us.

3) Wildlife

It's very grassy so hard to see tracks. I wouldn't be surprised to see deer here in the distance. Since it's near Ocala National Forest maybe even bear? Also very good chance for snakes.

4) Amenities

Large parking area - I want to say chem toilets but maybe not.

5) Directions

I believe the official name of where we started was "Sunnyhill Restoration Area Blue House Trailhead" - or look at our maps.

6) Time Requirements

If you do the full 5 miles you'd have to expect a few hours. You don't have to walk far to get to what is interesting though so a 20 minute stop wouldn't be pointless.


Not much to it but it's nice at what it is. You basically park and walk straight along a river that's suspiciously straight but has the depth to have the right kind of plants to make certain bird species happy. It's totally exposed - no shade - so not an easy summer hike. Some people like long exposed hikes but be warned that is what this is. We liked it because there was also the birding angle. I'd imagine wildlife could be exciting here if you catch it at the right time since it's next to Ocala National Forest.

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