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Anastasia SP

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Apr 2022
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NOTE: Shorebirds but fewer than might expect
NOTE: Unless dolphin etc
NOTE: Except that wind might help
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: 1340 Florida A1A, St. Augustine, FL, St. Johns, USA, 32080

1) What It's Like

Wild beach to check out - not a swimming beach.

2) Kinds of Birds

Shore birds.

3) Amenities


4) Time Requirements

0-30 minutes


This is just a beach but it's an impressive beach. Nobody sitting on towels, no swimming (when we were there), not hot dog stand. Very windy, large sand dunes, shore birds seem different here - from the wind mostly. Cool - would recommend stopping again but it's something you stop and take in more than explore.

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