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Ravine Gardens SP

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Apr 2022
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NOTE: Some is paved but some is not quite flat on ravine sides
NOTE: Hurricane Irma did some damange but almost nothing closed
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: 1600 Twigg St, Palatka, FL, Putnam, USA, 32177

1) What It's Like

Beautiful and fun 2 mile hike. It basically goes around a clear shallow sandy stream from a spring at the bottom of a ravine. In the city of Palatka - which has charm to it.  Has some really nice public spaces - picnic, gardens, auditorium.

2) Kinds of Birds

Not packed with birds but we did see them. Birds like moving water.

3) Wildlife

We saw none but since it's relatively small and in a town I wouldn't expect a great deal.

4) Amenities

Tons - auditoriums, gardens, statues.

5) Dear Ranger

Thanks for not just shutting the whole place down after Irma damage (looking at you Devil's Millhopper).

6) Time Requirements

Two mile hike so an hour would be reasonable guess. You could easily make it a short stop and see the gist of the place.


When you arrive there are a lot of international flags. Not sure what that is about but it was made by a an FDR new deal program (not CCC). The gardens are really nice - I can see stopping in here often just to enjoy the things like that not even in the ravine if I lived near here. We didn't go inside - there are exhibits and an auditorium. Going down into the ravine takes a little effort. I'm bad at guesstimating altitudes - I'd say it's 60 feet deep but it's not like a cliff so it can sneak up on you a bit. When you get to the bottom there's a sandy clear stream coming from a spring. The spring head isn't impressive - I'd have missed it if not for reading where it was. Two thumbs up =)

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