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Robert K Reese -Green Key

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Andrew Thoreson
Jul 2017
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NOTE: Bold racoons
NOTE: Boardwalk is nice
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: 4835 Green Key Rd., New Port Richey, FL, Pasco, USA, 34652

1) What It's Like

Small municipal park. Nice boardwalk over a mangrove swamp, a smallish public beach where everyone seems to be arguing. Bold raccoons. Lots of birds you would not expect to be in a saltwater area like this.

2) Kinds of Birds

An anomoly. See Experience section - despite it being mangrove swamp lots of warblers and especially red winged black birds showed up for us here.

3) Wildlife

The racoons reached the stage of waiter (let me get this food you left on the picnic table while people are walking by) and were nearing the stage of panhandling - walking up to you and begging for food or to offer you rabies.

4) Amenities

Typical beach - bathrooms. Got the impression that parking on weekends can run out.

5) Dear Ranger

Nice boardwalk =)

6) Time Requirements

10-30 minutes would probably do it unless you went swimming.


Ever go to Walmart and look around - there are plenty of normal people but somehow you get the feel of a weird demographic you don't see anywhere else. Same thing as going to the DMV, the mall at Christmas time, and gas stations. For some reason that's what this beach kept making me think of. But that's okay because the beach isn't the point - and who says those people aren't fun.

The boardwalk over the mangroves - in our experience mangroves are almost bird deadzones. Lots of stuff lives in the water under mangroves but you can pretty much guarantee that all you're going to see in the area are egrets/herons wading nearby and maybe pelicans and shorebirds if they have a spot to land nearby.

But I'm guessing that this is flyover territory for the other birds because we've seen some good warblers here and last we went it was packed with red winged black birds. So- pretty great birding.

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