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Lake Seminole

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Andrew Thoreson
Jan 2019
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: 10015 Park Blvd, Seminole, FL, Pinellas, USA, 33777

1) What It's Like

It's just a municipal park meant for BBQs and some boating but we've seen a ton of rare birds and warblers specifically here.

2) Kinds of Birds

Lots of uncommon or rare birds seen here in specific spot but aside from that wading birds, gallinules, and forest birds in general.

3) Wildlife

Marsh rabbits are pretty common here. Not a ton of alligators but they are around. Lots of people walking their dogs.

4) Amenities

Everything a park would have - plenty of BBQ shelters and boat put in areas for people doing jetskis etc.

5) Time Requirements

You could walk all over and spend a couple hours but we've always had the best luck in the spot mentioned below and it's right near the parking area.


It's just a park on the side of a medium sized lake. If you towards the back there's a paved walking loop. The pond by the parking area (so the SW corner) is where we see the birds - plus marsh rabbits are common here as well. I think we saw our first Catbird here, Indigo Bunting, Worm eating warbler, and Kentucky Warbler here. There were a few more but that's what I specifically remember.

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