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Mead Botanical Garden

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Aug 2018
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NOTE: And a tortoise
NOTE: Park, not hike.
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: 1300 S Denning Dr, Winter Park, FL, Orange, USA, 32789

1) What It's Like

It's a park in Orlando. Was flooded when we were there but could see that had nice ponds and for example saw a wood duck.

2) Kinds of Birds

We only saw water birds but maybe during usual times or winter there is more. It has a reputation for birding.

3) Wildlife

It's urban so not much but did see a roped off gopher tortoise hole.

4) Amenities

They have events here so - plenty. If not walk to a gas station.

5) Directions

1300 S Denning Dr, Winter Park, FL 32789

Right on major road.

6) Time Requirements

Stop the car and take pictures through window - so zero required. Doubtful you'd spend more than an hour unless we were missing something big.


It's a somewhat popular birding spot in Orlando. It's definitely more a park than a forest or hiking place. We didn't really get to see it very well because it was flooded and there was a wedding. BUT - it had some merit just from what we did see. Wood ducks and a nice lake.If it has amazing things we missed please suggest we go back.

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