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Ocala Land Bridge FT

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Sep 2018
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: 11100 SW 16th Ave, Ocala, FL, Marion, USA, 34476

1) What It's Like

Placeholder notes - we barely stopped - BUT - it's a Florida Trail segment that goes over an I75 overpass that's disguised to look like just forest. NOT a state park though their website has it listed.

2) Directions

We found it hard to find directions anywhere online and once there - hard to find the path once we parked.I suggest looking at the google map link on this page and view the satellite photo. It should show the florida trail on that map. There's a not-small parking lot. There's a short trail from there that may be confusing but look at how you go sort of one block back the way you came and there's a driveway that's part of the florida trail. The florida trail crosses the road you came in on so you could just walk back to the road and follow from there.

3) Time Requirements

From best map I can find if your goal is to just reach the land bridge I'm guestimating it's about a mile from where you park. So you'd want a minimum of an hour to go out and back. Not some place you get much out of a quick half hour walk.


We just stopped here to take a break from driving and it started raining on top of that. When you get off the exit you see you're in that odd part of Marion county that's got tons of money sunk into people doing whatever they do with lots of expensive horses. Pretty but bit unusual.

It seems there are multiple trails but we saw one marked as the Florida trail, the map said it went to the land bridge and we just checked out the beginning.

My impression was that it was a forest - signs warning about bears so there has to be some wildlife though you could hear traffic more than you'd like. It was mostly pine mixed with empty patches. The trail (in summer) had tall grass so beware your step and watch for ticks.

I can't say we were thrilled with the idea of walking more than a half mile to see a disguised overpass but it wasn't a bad forest (or a fantastic one). Seemed to be a good bit of equestrian signage. This thing probably exists because all the local horse owners - but that's just my guess.

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