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Clam Bayou Park St.Pete

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Andrew Thoreson
Feb 2023
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1) What It's Like

Small municipal park with paved jogging trails and boardwalks over and near mangroves. It's on the water in an area of St.Pete that seems to draw birds into flying over though so bit more birds than you might expect. We saw some rare-ish egret/heron types but may have been dumb luck.

2) Kinds of Birds

Generally a good area (near Ft.Desoto) to have miscellaneous birds fly through. It may have been dumb luck but we ran into our first juvenile yellow crowned night heron and juvenile green heron - they appear striking. Also a reddish egret. Gallinules in freshwater pond.

3) Wildlife

City animals

4) Amenities

Municipal park - I think bathrooms.

5) Time Requirements

Give it 10-40 minutes. Depends how long you want to hunt for warblers in trees. The boardwalks were our most productive.


We didn't expect much but when we started walking around - bam - what is that bird standing on the rail? Figured out it's a juvenile yellow crowned night heron. The again - what IS that bird - it looks familiar but so odd - juvenile little green heron. Then some gallinules and - hey that heron looks funny - oh reddish egret. Some warblers in trees a bit as we hunted along trees. All in all pretty nice.

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