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Town: Casadega

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Andrew Thoreson
Apr 2017
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: 355 Cassadaga Rd, Lake Helen, FL, Volusia, USA, 32706

1) What It's Like

"Psychic Capital of the World" - how's that for a hook!? It's a town that was a center for spiritualists. Now there are a lot of psychics who live there, a kind of nice little town, and a spooky hotel/restaurant.

2) Amenities

It's a town with a hotel and restaurant and lots of psychics.

3) Time Requirements

You could just pop in and walk around for 20 minutes - I'd suggest staying overnight. There are a lot of good birding and hiking spots in the general area.


We didn't know exactly what to expect but what we got was a room in the spooky hotel/restaurant with a couple signs for psychics visible outside. Rooms were... well it was a 1920s building with plumbing to match but it would have been a disappointment if it was all new and without a ghost story regarding the chair in front of our door. The restaurant was a crowd I couldn't quite nail down. You could draw on your tables but it was people doing Sinatra karaoke. Again - I liked it but it but not my normal scene or something I could quite figure out. Everybody very nice - can be fun to drive through or stay over night. I wouldn't expect a theme park experience however. Also - a family of turkeys we just missed!

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