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Anclote Gulf Park

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Mar 2018
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: 2305 Baillies Bluff Rd, Holiday, FL, Pasco, USA, 34691

1) What It's Like

Small municipal park. Birding reputed to be good here. The main draw is a somewhat long boardwalk going into the gulf along a canal next to a power plant (this is sounding less good as I go), and some mangroves. It really is a nice boardwalk though.

2) Kinds of Birds

We heard that there are loons here and in the area. Not sure if it's only first thing in the morning or we just had bad luck but saw none. There were good number of typical ocean birds - anhinga, cormorant, herons, etc.

3) Wildlife

Maybe racoons and sealife. The water is clear and you should be able to see (or wade in and pick up) crabs, snails, etc.

4) Amenities

Actually very nice considering how small this is. Bathrooms etc.

5) Dear Ranger

Well done!

6) Time Requirements

However long you want to take in the view. No trail or places you'd walk really.


If you click the map link you can see there are several stops around here. There's a reputation for this area to have a few odd birds like loons. We didn't have much sucess finding oddball birds but in general most sites had more birds than you'd think ought to be there. Warblers passing through - that kind of thing. The whole area is kind of difficult to get to and has a weird vibe to it demographicly. Plenty of nice people but a bit of a trip to the DMV feel to it as well.

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