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Upper Tampa Bay Park

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Nov 2017
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: 8001 Double Branch Rd., Tampa, FL, Hillsborough, USA, 33635

1) What It's Like

Trails that mix saltwater, mangove, and some scrub and forest around a nice nature center at the top of Tampa Bay. It's a nice walk on the short trails but other than being on the water it's not surrounded by wilderness - so less diverse wildlife and mangroves are usually very dull for birding.

2) Kinds of Birds

There were eagles in the distance. Typical egrets/herons.

3) Wildlife

Fiddler and mangrove crabs. Probably racoons.

4) Amenities

Very nice education center. Kayak rentals.

5) Time Requirements

Maybe you could stay busy for more than an hour but we didn't stay much longer than that.


First we tried finding info on the trails here online and it was a bit confusing. Some areas are really meant to be accessed by kayak only. We showed up, parked and lots of people there. Kayaks and an education center that was top notch in the 80s but still manages to be quite nice. We didn't hike all that far. It tended to be mangrove on one siide (so no birds) and scrubbing forest on the other side. Nice walk - very nice if you haven't seen enough mangroves to last a lifetime. Birding - meh.

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