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Cooter Pond Park

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Andrew Thoreson
Oct 2018
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: 104 Dr Martin Luther King Jr Ave, Inverness, FL, Citrus, USA, 34450
Miles Location
1.2Paige's Rootbeer - Inverness, FL
3.1Fort Cooper SP
4.2Withlacoochee Citrus Tract Holder Mine
4.3Citrus Tract, Withlacoochee
6.2Floral City

1) What It's Like

It's a boardwalk over a lake that has a good depth for the right plants for cooter turtles and gallinules/coots, alligators, and marsh rabbits.

2) Kinds of Birds

Gallinules and grackles are guaranteed. Coots in winter. We've seen a pretty good number of warblers, robins, etc as well.Herons/egrets.

3) Wildlife

Marsh rabbits, alligators, cooter turtles. Often odd insects and lots of bees if you look close at flowers in right season.

4) Amenities

Parking lot, statue of turtles, boardwalk. You might ask the sherif's station if you can use the helipad.

5) Directions

It's right off the highway next to the sherif's office.

6) Time Requirements

20-30 minutes I'd say.


We come here a lot. Usually Ft.Cooper State Park, Paiges Rootbeer - which closed and moved like 10 miles away to Lecanto, and here. You park by the Sherif's station and walk a C shaped path over a pretty long boardwalk. Gallinules and grackles are guaranteed. Coots in winter. It depends on the water level but often on the side nearest the highway in the water weeds if you look down you'll see marsh rabbits chowing down. There are a few small alligators around and the namesake - cooter turtles. We've seen a pretty good number of warblers, robins, etc as well.

You can walk around the lake a bit but we got the impression it wasn't intended for that and it's a better view on the boardwalk.

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