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Lake Apopka Wildlife Drive

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Andrew Thoreson
Jul 2017
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: (Wildlife Drive) 2803 Lust Rd, Apopka, FL, Orange, USA, 32703

1) What It's Like

Negative comments aside it is supposed to have a huge diversity of birds. That said... It's a bunch of dirt roads going around a bunch of large ponds on one side of 10x12 mile lake. Also the lake is a recovering environmental disaster of agriculture/fertilizer poisoning. There are a few spots you can stop and walk around at but for the most part you just have to drive along these dirt roads which is not a great way to spot wildlife in my experience. Even compared to sewage treatment areas like Florida Wetlands the water seems off - sometimes painfully filthing to watch fish living in. But - they're working on it I gather.

There are trails adjacent to it as well but not really park of the drive.

2) Kinds of Birds

Lots of things show up here but mostly what you see is pond-life and lake life. Red Winged Black Birds, Grackles, and wading birds. We saw a lot of Barn Swallows and Cormorants as well.

3) Wildlife

I saw no wildlife here - maybe an odd alligator. Might be some but I wouldn't really expect it.

4) Amenities

Portapotties, road, and signs.

5) Directions

Northwest corner of the lake starting on Lust Drive.

6) Time Requirements

You could probably make it through in half an hour or spend more time taking different loops.


This is supposed to be a great biring hotspot. Our experience was that it was somewhat nice but not incredible. Also I think it's hard to really see birds in a car as opposed to on foot and it's not really set up to stop and walk around through most of it. Still - worth doing and there are other spots around the lake that make the trip to the area worthwhile.

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