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Boca Ciega Millenium Park

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Andrew Thoreson
Sep 2017
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NOTE: Suburban park so woods but it's limited
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: 12410 74th Ave. N., Seminole, FL, Pinellas, USA, 33772

1) What It's Like

It's a municipal park near the coast in St.Pete with some woodsy trails, ponds, and above average birding.

2) Kinds of Birds

Forest birds and warblers. So expect titmice, cardinals, and just random stuff. Ponds have wading birds and a few ducks.

3) Wildlife

Suburban so I doubt you'll see more than a raccoon or even a squirrel really.

4) Amenities

Bathrooms, BBQs, typical.

5) Directions

The main trail - 125th st goes straight into the park. Turn right when you can and turn off to the right for parking lot. Shelter #5 is there with playground around it. Walk through that area and the start of the trail should be marked. Looking at a map now there may be a second trail by the water at shelter 3 and 4 - but that could be a paved jogging trail.

6) Time Requirements

It took us an hour to do the trail that goes by the main pond.


This is the place we jokingly came up with the name of this website because there were some really irritating titmice flitting around in the treetops being impossible to ID or photograph at first.

The draw here other than the ponds is a forest trail. Local kids (I think) have created a couple maybe not quite official trails and done a little artwork. It's mostly live oak and saw palmettos. If you picked 10 places in St.Pete you might want to include this one - it's nice for being a local park.

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