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Spook Hill

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Andrew Thoreson
Jan 2017
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NOTE: It is a hill
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: Hill N of , 5th St and Dr JA Wiltshie Ave, Lake Wales, FL, Polk, USA, 33853

1) What It's Like

Very not worth it other than to enjoy going and trying it as a local ritual. It's an optical illusion that if you put your car in neutral you roll backwards when you think it's flat at the base of a hill. There are directions on a sign there. Also there's a very angry dog right there for you to enjoy behind the fence (that's how we interpreted the barking).

2) Wildlife

Angry dog behind fence.

3) Amenities

One hill. A quick escape - just continue up the hill.

4) Directions

Search your GPS for Spook Hill Elementary or head south on N Wales Dr from Burns Ave. The bottom of the hill there's a lake on left and elementary school on right. Turn around and there's a sign explaining it at the base of the hill.

5) Time Requirements

5-10 minutes you'll wish you had back. Unless you're more fun than I am.


I came here as a kid and I though I was missing something when I didn't see anything. But as an adult I see that it just isn't that impressive of an optical illusion. Still it's kind of fun to try kind of like it's fun to tell walk through something they say is haunted. Probably nothing happens but it was fun to feel like a young kid for a moment. I think the locals might be sick of cars lining up and rolling down the road out of their neighborhood.

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