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Lake Santa Fe

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Mar 2018
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NOTE: Parking lot
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: 24500 FL-26, Melrose, FL, Alachua, USA, 32666

1) What It's Like

The takeaway here is we went and didn't see any way to see this lake without a boat . It has somewhat of a birding reputation. SO - figure that out first (and tell us!) or skip it.

2) Kinds of Birds

It was a parking lot - I'm sure you could see birds but it's not worth talking about.

3) Amenities

Shady bathroom

4) Directions

If anyone knows how to see birds on this lake without a boat please let us know.


We saw the lake listed online as a birding spot. We were in the area and tried to stop but all we could find was a parking lot and a boat ramp. And the bathroom had a gloryhole friendly kind of feel - probably because the warning sign. So I'm guessing you need a boat to see birds on this lake.


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