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Viera Wetlands

Birding / Hiking / Adventuring Roadtrip Info

Andrew Thoreson
Apr 2018
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NOTE: Not really woods but animals may be attracted plus alligators
NOTE: Lots to see but not quite beautiful walk
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: 3658 Charlie Corbeil Way, Viera, FL, Brevard, USA, 32940

1) What It's Like

One of the best birding spots in the state IMHO - A couple ponds where sewage is turned into the sludge and vegetation that birds love and so it's a great birding spot. You can drive it but 1000x more likely to see stuff if you walk it. Call or check website before you go - they close it sometimes.

2) Kinds of Birds

Mostly wading birds, shore birds, and ducks - but anything is possible.

3) Wildlife

Alligators - actually watch where you step because they get used to people and don't necessarily run off. There are probably raccoons etc but haven't seen any.

4) Amenities

A chem toilet and a parking lot.

5) Time Requirements

I'd give it at least an hour of walking. If you drove it you could do it very fast but I think that's not a good way to go.


This is a great place for birding. Call or check website before you go - they close it sometimes.

It's in an area that's being developed with new housing developments pretty hard core but near some protected land. Regardless - the birds mostly fly in here for the filth and muck that comes from bio-filtering sewage with plants like this. This place has a different feel than some other wetlands like this - it's smaller I guess - but it's very productive for birds. We saw our first least bittern here and several shorebirds. I'd suggest carefully watching all the plants for stuff in there. Also it's the only place I've ever actually seen an alligator eat anything (a bird).

Across the street there's another place called the "Click ponds". It has more shore birds and ducks. Very easy to miss.

If you go up the road a few miles you'll hit River Lakes Conservation Area which is okay.

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