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Otter Springs (and Campground)

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Mar 2019
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: 6470 SW 80th Ave, Trenton, FL, Gilchrist, USA, 32693

1) Kinds of Birds

We saw bluebirds around the area.


Not offering much info here but maybe it will help someone.

The Suwanee river has quite a few springs connecting to it Manatee Springs SP is great, Fanning Springs SP is pretty good. If you keep going - based on photos Hart Springs and Otter Springs seem like they might be okay and they're a quick drive but they're not state parks - so not as nice. Otter springs - we pulled in and you couldn't really see the spring without paying and even the signs to where the spring is was not clear immediately. It just looked like a mess of RVs so we skipped it. THAT is all the info we have to share - sorry.

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