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Mobbly Beach Park

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Nov 2017
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: 805 Shore Dr E, Oldsmar, FL, Pinellas, USA, 34677

1) What It's Like

Just a plain little local park with a narrow beach. It's way way up in the top of Tampa Bay so it's not like a gulf beach - unlikely to see swimmers etc.

2) Kinds of Birds

Brown Booby, a pretty good number of herons/egrets, pelicans, maybe some shore birds, Scaups, maybe some other ducks. We've been twice, seen them once - can't comment on their frequency beyond that just now.

3) Wildlife

A squirel maybe.

4) Amenities

Don't recall of bathrooms but it's an urban park - gas stations etc close enough.

5) Time Requirements

5-30 minutes. You can sit and take interesting photos of the magrove roots etc but you aren't spending the day.


The claim to fame for Mobbly Beach Park is that if you look really close at those powerlines there often appear to be a bunch of anhinga but if you pay very close attention to their silhouttes some will be the Brown Booby (wiki).... a bird you don't see in Florida very often. Other than that there actually are more birds to be seen and it's nice as far as a little local park goes. Phillippe park across the water is similar but a little less likely to see the Booby.

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