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Marshall Hampton Reserve

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May 2020
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NOTE: Woods but not connected to huge forests
NOTE: Lake exposed, forest pretty covered
NOTE: You have to climb berms a bit but mostly flat.
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: 3115 Thornhill Rd, Winter Haven, FL, Polk, USA, 338800

1) What It's Like

Two things. A trail around a lake/big-pond with a lot of birds and some trails dipping down around sides. Next door to Circle B Bar the big birding hot spot.

2) Kinds of Birds

The lake - ducks and wading birds. Good number of gallinules. Forest - typical forest birds and seemed like a fairly hot "hot spot".

3) Wildlife

We didn't see anything but it's connected to Circle B Bar so I would expect the similar to that is possible. We've seen lots of wild boar and snakes there. Around ponds a lot so alligators in some spots but much of it is raised so high it wouldn't be terribly likely.

4) Amenities

Chem toilets and well maintained trails.

5) Time Requirements

I would expect to spend at least 45 minutes if you're invested in doing this and that you could spend a whole day.

It's a quarter to half mile from the parking area to the lake. Looking at their map it's 2 miles to go around the lake/pond, the Acorn Hammock loop trail is almost identical in size and shape to the lake/pond one. Panther Point trail - as it is now it's 10 miles out and back however from their map they may connect it to an exit on US98 in which case it could be half that if you left a car at both ends. They say no exists so be ready to do the whole walk.


It's a nice park - get the impression it's well cared for although there's not much in the way of amenities. It starts out with a forest that's just pleasant - feels old and covered. Then you reach the lake:it's a big pond - Lake Hancock is nearby and much bigger. We didn't go around the entire thing but the rim seemed like a berm - a raised road / earthen dam / hill-rim. So when you're at the edge there are interesting plants buy you're not always able to see birds nearest you. The acorn hammock loop trail goes off from the pond rim and it is pleasant similar to the trail coming in.

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