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Anclote River Park

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Mar 2018
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: 1119 Baillies Bluff Road, Holiday, FL, Pasco, USA, 34691

1) What It's Like

Reputation for having some birding but we saw little. Just a beach though a nicely executed one for this area of the Florida coast which is usually just mangrove. Amazing oak tree coverage.

2) Kinds of Birds

We didn't see much. But maybe warblers pass through or when fewer beachgoers you might see more shorebirds.

3) Wildlife

Doubt much except maybe racoon.

4) Amenities

Typical beach stuff - nice bathrooms, must have been showers.

5) Time Requirements

I wouldn't go unless it was to use it as a beach. It's pretty small though if you wanted to peek for a moment to look for birds.


The gulf coast fades into different modes. From Sarasota to North St.Pete you have barrier islands with some nice beaches. Up here you start to run out and get just one-off islands like Honeymoon Island / Caladessi and up here Anclote key which you can't get to without a boat. SO - you have lot of folks who'd like a beach when what they have is mostly mangroves on the coast. So here they built one and it's pretty nice. Not many places can you sit under the cover of oak trees and enjoy looking at the beach. And not many beaches can you enjoy seeing some land in front of you. But that's about all this is is a beach - birding... maybe there are lots of birds stopping at the parking lot and we missed them.

If you click the map link you can see there are several stops around here. There's a reputation for this area to have a few odd birds like loons. We didn't have much success finding oddball birds but in general most sites had more birds than you'd think ought to be there. Warblers passing through - that kind of thing.

Some areas are a pleasure to drive through so you don't mind if you don't see birds, some are unpleasant and you only go because of birds. This general area of west pasco and hernando counties for me is definitely one of those that are just kind of an unpleasant trip and it takes a while to get out here. I think it's the abundance of billboards instead of local color - though people can be quite nice here.

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