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Hilochee Osprey Unit E Home Run Blvd

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Apr 2020
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NOTE: Good place to spot them but didn't see much
NOTE: Invisible holes from tall grass
NOTE: TALL grass
NOTE: They like shade - not much of that.
NOTE: Found none but definitely checked a lot
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: End of Home Run Blvd, Haines City, FL, Polk, USA, 33844

1) What It's Like

This is the boring side of this tract of forest - other side is quite good birding. Wide exposed trails with ruts buried under tall grass, never really escape the sounds and sights of cars and buildings.

2) Kinds of Birds

I saw a red shouldered hawk. That is all.

3) Wildlife

It's big enough of a forest to assume deer but saw nothing and with the tall grass not much in the way of tracks. I think hog since it was so not-flat and I assumed they dug it up.

4) Amenities

Just a parking lot though signs were good and gas stations nearby.

5) Directions

You head to the end of the road and parking lot is clear.

6) Time Requirements

On this the east end of the tract there are two trails, both 1 to 1.5 miles long I'm guessing. So that's about an hour each round trip.


I walked 3/4 of a mile in and rather than seeming like  you were getting away from seeing people and hearing traffic - it seemed maybe worse. You could see for a long ways and I saw no wilderness in any direction.

As I said above it's a wide grassy trail big enough for cars and some deep holes - I assume some from vehicles but some seemed random so maybe pigs rooting in the ground. Regardless - grass was so tall it was hard not to hurt your ankles, no way to see snakes, hoping there was no ticks, and I doubt they could easily mow this since it was so rough. SO - I thought this kind of stunk. Though I'm glad they're keeping this to add more of a nature buffer to the other side of the tract (west side) which I thought was great!

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