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Andrew Thoreson
Oct 2017
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Map On Big Map: Click map (or on google maps). Address: 2650 Gulf Dr S, Bradenton Beach, FL, Manatee, USA, 34217

1) What It's Like

Small municipal park on the non-beach side of island. It's a bunch of mangroves, a hill, and paths through it. Birds supposedly show up here a lot on their way other places but we saw like 2 herons and that is all. So probably worth stopping here in winter but be prepared to likely be underwhelmed.

2) Kinds of Birds

Only saw a heron or two but warblers etc are supposed to pass through. Across the street at Coquina beach you will see a lot of gulls and shorebirds on the gulf side of the bridge. We actually saw a fair number of forest birds in those Australian pines - titmice, that kind of thing.

3) Wildlife

Nothing. It's an urban barrier island. MAYBE a dolphin in the distance but this isn't a place I think to look for them.

4) Amenities

Boardwalks. Bathrooms are at Coquina across the street.


We got here with high hopes but it was just disappointing other than seeing a lot of sailboats on their sides from Irma (hopefully that's not too much harm to the boaters but it was interesting to see). Across the street Coquina beach is nice. Near the bridge we saw some of the more unusual gulls and shorebirds being entertaining.

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